Insurance Information

THE CRSGH National Provider Identification number is 1871556225

We accept most major insurance plans. Coverage requirements and limitations vary from plan to plan. We advise you to contact your insurance company prior to each appointment to inquire if our practice or your physician is a participating provider.

CRSGH is a participating provider in the Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare programs. This means that we accept Medicare and Tricare assignment. You are responsible for any deductible or co-insurance portions.

Many smaller insurance companies lease the networks of larger carriers so it is very important to check with you carrier by using our National Provider Identification number of 1871556225. It is the patient¡¯s responsibility to verify with your carrier of a providers participation. If your insurance is not listed, please contact your insurance company to inquire if we are participating providers. You may provide them with our National Provider Identification number of 1871556225.

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  1. What is a colonoscopy?
  2. A colonoscopy is a thorough evaluation of the colon and rectum. It involves using a camera on a flexible tube to visualize the lining of the entire colon. The test is performed with medication to ensure patient comfort.

  3. What is the preparation for a colonoscopy?
  4. A full bowel cleansing is required the day before the test. New preparation methods have made this process much more comfortable than in the past.

  5. At what age should I have a colonoscopy?
  6. Average-risk individuals should start colon & rectal cancer screening at 50. People with symptoms or other risk factors should start earlier.

  7. Does a colonoscopy require a hospital stay
  8. No, the procedure is performed at one of our out-patient facilities. The procedure itself only takes about an hour and your stay at the facility will likely be 2-3 hours.

  9. What is a polyp?
  10. Polyps are growths in the colon and rectum. They are usually small and typically do not give any symptoms. A few types of polyps, if left in the colon long enough, can turn into cancer. Any polyps found during a colonoscopy can be removed during the screening procedure.

  11. What are some symptoms of colon cancer and/or polyps?
  12. Abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, change of bowel habits and unexplained weight loss can all be caused by polyps and cancer. All such symptoms should be evaluated fully.

  13. Do I need to be referred by my primary care physician?
  14. Some insurance companies require a written or telephone referral. You can tell by checking your policy or contacting your insurance company.

  15. Do you submit the bill to my insurance?
  16. We submit for all insurance companies that we are currently participating with. see current list

  17. Do I have to pay my co-pay before seeing the doctor?
  18. Yes, co-payments are due at the time of service.