The key to treating many colon and rectal diseases is early detection, and regular screenings are proven to lead to successful outcomes. While it may feel awkward discussing the issues that affect your colon and rectal health, our team at CRSGH is committed to compassion and discretion. We are qualified to perform procedures using the most advanced treatments available. We are also the only practice in Connecticut to offer a Colon and Rectal surgery teaching residency program, and one of the few to offer Saturday Colonoscopies for your convenience.

We’re Glad You’re Here

Here's what our patients are saying...

  • I'm so relieved to have had my first screening (colonoscopy.) I thought it was going to be so unpleasant, but thanks to the staff and doctors, it was no big deal.

    - Sue

  • I had symptoms I was trying to ignore and was embarrassed to talk about. Thankfully, I made an appointment and found the doctor easy to talk with. I am happy to report that the problem is now under control.

    - Will

  • I was told they were the go-to surgeons for colon issues and I was told correctly. I feel like I am in good hands.

    - Ann