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Referrals – It is the patients responsibility to know if their insurance plan requires a referral to see a specialist. If a plan requires a referral it is the patients responsibility to make sure a referral has been put in place PRIOR to arriving for an appointment. Failure to ensure a referral is in place could result in rescheduling of the appointment or financial liability due from the patient for the visit, if allowed by the plan.

Outstanding balances – It is the expectation that all outstanding balances are paid within 30 days of the statement date. You can pay online through the patient portal. In the event there is a past due balance on your account at the time of an additional appointment we will request payment of the past due balance upon check-in of that appointment . If you are not able to pay an invoice within 30 days of the statement date please contact our billing department at 860-929-7978.

Office visits – Office visits are confirmed 3 business days ahead of time. Please bring a photo ID, your insurance card, and your updated medication list with dosages. Copay is due at the time of visit. If you need to cancel your visit, please provide a 48 hour advanced notice. 

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